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Introduction to Paxos

Introduction to Paxos, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands, lying just 11 km from the southernmost tip of Corfu. Many visitors return year after year to Paxos to experience the intimacy of this peaceful haven, the genuine friendliness of the local Paxiots, and the captivating scenery. Paxos is covered in many olive groves intersected by dry-stone walls and paths, that often lead to a derelict villa or abandoned stone olive press! The gnarled and twisted olive trees, some of them hundreds of years old, shelter numerous species of wild flowers at their roots, while here and there, small vineyards flourish. This serene and unspoiled landscape is what makes a holiday to the island of Paxos truly memorable.

The above video shows a short glimpse of Loggos.

Why choose Paxos for your holiday?

Why choose Paxos for your holiday?, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

Paxos is officially listed as one of the top ten great escapes in the world! With crystal clear waters, pretty harbours and quiet bays - Paxos is the perfect location for a quiet, restful, holiday.

Why choose Paxos for your holiday?, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

Paxos has no airport, thankfully, as this has helped keep the crowds away! Most visitors reach Paxos by flying into Corfu and then taking a ferry, hydrofoil or Seaplane to Gaios: How to Get to Paxos

Why choose Paxos for your holiday?, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

Paxos Walking

Paxos Walking, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

Paxos is a very small island (10km x 4km), and the distances between villages, such as Loggos and Lakka are such that walking from one to the other is perfectly feasible. Walking through the ancient Paxiot olive groves, you come across more churches than you might think possible, quiet beaches and friendly locals. Paxos Walking Maps

Paxos Tavernas

Paxos Tavernas, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

Paxos does not disappoint when it comes to tavernas and local food. We treat you to some of the culinary highlights that Paxos offers: Paxos Tavernas

Paxos Photos

Paxos Photos, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

Additional photos of Paxos, taken by the Agni team during their many visits, can be viewed here: Paxos Photos

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Paxos Villages

Paxos Villages, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

Being a small island, there are only a few villages. We detail the main ones.

Paxos Villages, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel
Gaios - The Paxos Capital

Gaios is the largest of the three main villages on Paxos, and the only one that can be called a town, albeit a very small one! Gaios, the 'capital' of the island, shows its Venetian and British heritage in the colourful buildings that line the water front. Life in Gaios focuses on the harbour where in high season, awe-inspiring yachts jostle for space, along with local boats of all kinds. A super variety of Tavernas, chic boutiques and old-fashioned stores make Gaios a fascinating place to visit, with a Greek atmosphere all of its own: Gaios Paxos

Paxos Villages, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel
Loggos Paxos

Loggos is one of the prettiest villages in Paxos and remains unspoilt. The tiny fishing harbour of Loggos itself is enchanting, colourful enough for any artist or photographer, with a refreshingly intimate atmosphere. Three mini-markets, a bakery with wonderful fresh bread every day and supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables brought over regularly from the mainland, make self-catering a simple matter - but who could resist the conviviality and choice of excellent food at the Loggos waterfront tavernas? Freshly-caught fish and lobster is on the menu every night and there is an attractively cosmopolitan 'buzz'. Local taxis wait for dinners to finish their meal, ready to whisk them back to their villa: Loggos Paxos

Paxos Villages, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel
Lakka Paxos

Lakka lies at the head of a deep narrow bay on the north coast of Paxos. Tree-covered headlands almost enclose the bay, forming a natural harbour that attracts a variety of yachts. The tiny village has narrow streets that all seem to end at the sea. Plants and trees spill over the walls of private local gardens. With numerous small shops, bars and tavernas with a pleasing variety of food on offer, Lakka, with its friendly locals, has a special character all of its own. There are some excellent beaches close by, with natural shade, some with water sports and beautiful walks through the olive groves towards the 'Farros' (light house) that illuminates the headland during the night, directing staying yachts into the bay: Lakka Paxos

Paxos Villages, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel
Mongonissi, Paxos

At the southern tip of Paxos is the attractive little islet of Mongonissi, joined to Paxos itself by a short causeway. With its sandy beach and shallow, iridescent turquoise water, it is a delightful place to spend the day. There is nothing much to do but relax and contemplate the panoramic views over the clear blue sea to Antipaxos and the Greek mainland. There is a very good taverna, overlooking the sea, which is open all day and in the evening there is Greek Dancing: Mongonissi Paxos

Magazia, Paxos

Magazia is the name of a cluster of small hamlets rather than just one village. The villagers of Magazia are very friendly and live life at their own pace and their closely-knit community is undisturbed by the influences of tourism. Situated on the road linking Gaios and Lakka it is a good central starting point for exploring Paxos. There are two mini-markets, two tavernas and one small bar, all of which retain a traditional island character. One of the nearby tavernas is especially popular in the evenings for its superb sunset views. Magazia is also the location of one of the latest archaeological finds on the island - three graves dating from the 7th century AD. It is hoped to study these more closely in the near future and discover more about the local inhabitants of the time.

Fontana, Paxos

Fontana is a tiny village on Paxos, just inland from Loggos. There is little more to it than a church, a shop, a kafeneion and a taverna, but its atmosphere is unchanged. It makes a good stop on a walk and there is an old olive press that just may be still working if you pass that way in spring or early summer in a heavy crop year.

Paxos Speed Boat Rental

No matter where you are staying on Paxos, you must find the time to rent a small motor boat. The views, cool air and fabulous feeling, make it an experience to remember and by far the best way to see the coastline of Paxos. Don't forget, Anti Paxos is just 15mins motoring from Paxos (in a 30hp boat) and that is NOT to be missed! Boat Hire Paxos

Paxos Speed Boat Rental, Paxos, Guides, Agni Travel

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