Agni Animal Welfare Fund

Agni Animal Welfare Fund

What we are

What we are, Agni Animal Welfare Fund, Enquiries, Agni Travel

Agni Animal Welfare Fund is a small animal trust fund sponsored by Agni Travel, working to improve the life of the animals of Greece. Agni Travel clients can make donations through our website or during their stay in order to help stray and needy animals.

Our Objective

Our objective is to REDUCE the number of kittens born in the summer by spaying and neutering the cats with donations made to us and to discourage excessive feeding by visitors during the summer. With less cats and kittens around to find food at the end of the season, the better chance the existing ones have of surviving the winter.

Our Future Objectives

Our Future Objectives, Agni Animal Welfare Fund, Enquiries, Agni Travel

Our future objectives are, with your support, to expand and be able to offer help further afield. To provide some support to the many stray dogs at the Dog Rescue and the Donkeys at the Donkey Sanctuary enabling the old and the sick to be cared for in a place they can call their home for their remaining days.

Our Web Site

Our Web Site, Agni Animal Welfare Fund, Enquiries, Agni Travel

Please visit our website so you can help:

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Our Successes So Far

Our Successes So Far, Agni Animal Welfare Fund, Enquiries, Agni Travel

Our successes so far include helping several cats last year with donations received from friends who visited Agni during the summer. The offers of help came about after visitors became very fond of a certain little cat that lives around Agni beach. With her distinctive looks many people noticed her and commented on how much healthier and friendlier she was compared to the other cats. When we pointed out she had been spayed the previous winter, many people came forward and offered to pay for other cats to be helped in this way.

How You Can Help

How You Can Help, Agni Animal Welfare Fund, Enquiries, Agni Travel

You can help us to achieve our objectives by making donations via the website or during your holiday or by bringing useful items for the animals with you when you come. You can also Sponsor a Cat, Dog or even a Donkey.

Latest News

This time last year we had just launched the Agni Animal Welfare Fund, our affiliated charity dedicated to the animals of Greece. It has been running for one year now and we thought this an ideal opportunity to let everyone know what a successful year we have had and what tremendous support we have received.

We began the cat neutering around the Agni area and this summer, Agni bay had very few hungry cats wandering around the tavernas. The difference was very noticeable and many visitors commented. Many people sponsored a cat this year and enabled us to neuter about another twenty more during the year from various resorts around the north east coast and this year we are hoping to double that number and neuter many more.

Besides the neutering we were also able to help two or three cats that were found to be ill or had injuries and needed urgent medical treatment.

We had our own personalised wristbands made to sell in support of the AAWF and they were very popular and are still available this year. So if you have lost last year's, or you did not know about them, you can order them from our website. We also have some very nice AAWF beach bags for sale and we now have some lovely animal fridge magnets that have been made for us by a very kind supporter.

We had a very successful fund raising day on the message boards just before Xmas which will now enable us to return to Corfu and begin neutering many of the young cats before the spring arrives and the mating season!

We are only able to help these animals with your help and support and we thank you all for what you have enabled us to do so far. We have to keep the donations coming in to enable us to do more, so if you would like to sponsor a cat, do visit our website and contact us. Don't forget the wristbands, bags and fridge magnets, proceeds from the sale of these items all go to the animals and are available from our website

THANK YOU from the animals of Grece, please continue to support us.

Recent Rescues

Recent Rescues, Agni Animal Welfare Fund, Enquiries, Agni Travel

Spotty, a very sick cat, found by holiday makers at one of our villas. Clients sponsored her and she has now been treated for severe cat flu and neutered.

Recent Rescues, Agni Animal Welfare Fund, Enquiries, Agni Travel

Pastal a local village cat, was sponsored from the website, neutered and returned to her village.

Recent Rescues, Agni Animal Welfare Fund, Enquiries, Agni Travel

Spooky was sponsored from the Website by two regular visitors to Greece. He has problems and has to remain in a shelter, cared for by us.

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