At Agni Travel, we have worked hard to accurately describe the walking distances to nearby Tavernas/Bars and beaches within our property descriptions. Of course, not everyone walks at the same speed, so this guide will help you decide what walking distances are within your abilities.

Hills and the Terrain

Most walks to the beach, from the property, will be down hill. When assessing the return walking time, you may need to allow extra time depending on your fitness. Many tavernas and restaurants will or course be happy to help arrange a taxi to return you to your property. (Some even offer a free return service.)

If you have young children in your party and you will bring a 'push-chair', please be aware that some roads do not have footpaths and some locals paths may not be suitable.

Walking Speeds

We are all different so to set a standard walking speed, we use: WikiPedia Walking Speeds as a reference.

The average walking speed is 1.4m/s (5.0km/h; 3.1 mph). However, speeds do range from the elderly (4.51km/h) and a fast stroll at 7km/h. Within our website descriptions, and in an effort to be as accurate as possible, we have chosen an average speed of just 4km/h, which is considered a slow walk.


Walking in a hot climate may take you longer than usual. When it is exceptionally hot, you may find you can only walk a very short distance.

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