Driving Distances

Within our property descriptions, we list the distances to nearby villages and airports. The times to drive these distances are approximate and the actual time taken by you will depend on your experience of driving abroad and type of vehicle.

Km or Miles

You can view the distances in Km or Miles. Click the link below the distances to change your preference.

View Distances in: Miles and Yards
View Distances in: Km and Meters

If you have young children in your party and you will bring a 'push-chair', please be aware that some roads do not have footpaths and some locals paths may not be suitable.

Airport Transfer Times

The times provided from the airport to the property are for local drivers who are familiar with the route. If you plan to drive yourself, it may take you longer to drive especially if you plan to stop for breaks, to enjoy the scenery or stop for fuel.

Car Rental

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