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  • Corfu Villas, Corfu, Agni Travel
  • Corfu Villas, Corfu, Agni Travel
  • Corfu Villas, Corfu, Agni Travel

Corfu Villas

Corfu Villas, Corfu Villas, Corfu, Agni Travel

Due to strict planning regulations, Corfu does not have any building higher than two levels.(Some hotels were permitted to be built during the 1970s, but thankfully only a few.) This has prevented traditional hotels (and the mass tourism that often accompanies them) from damaging the Corfu coastline.

Corfu Villas, Corfu Villas, Corfu, Agni Travel

The Corfu Coastline now has a sprinkling of Villas, with some of the small fishing harbours and ports being a cluster of typical Greek houses or apartments. The hills high above have small traditional villages and private and secluded Villas (usually with a private pool.)

Corfu and the North East Coast

Corfu and the North East Coast, Corfu Villas, Corfu, Agni Travel
Typical Villa with Pool on Corfu

Many of the upmarket villas are located along the North East Corfu coast. Recent newspaper articles have highlighted (exposed) the villas of many of the wealthy who have chosen to own a holiday home on Corfu. They choose Corfu (and especially the areas between Nissaki, Agni and Kassiopi) as the area is not over-built and yet provides the convenience of excellent Tavernas and bars; many of which are accessed by speedboat or launch.

Corfu and the North East Coast, Corfu Villas, Corfu, Agni Travel

Water-fronted properties dot the Corfu coast. These prime villas are rarely sold, but when they are prices are often between 5-10 million Euros.

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Corfu Villas by Agni Travel

Agni Travel, located in the bay of Agni, offers over 50 villas on the North East Corfu coast. A selection of our villas on Corfu can be viewed here: Agni Travel Corfu

Our Corfu villas range from intimate cottages to luxury 5* properties.Whether you are looking for a holiday hideaway or a beachfront villa, booking with Agni Travel could not be easier using our new online reservation system.

For some villas car rental is a must but for others a motor boat is the ideal way of getting about. The Corfu coastline reveals hidden coves and beaches which can only be reached by boat.

Corfu Villa Rental

Corfu Villa Rental, Corfu Villas, Corfu, Agni Travel

Strict rental requirements by the EOT (Greek Tourism and Travel Agents Organisation) ensure that rental villas have been checked for health and safety issues, including fire prevention and safety. Some villa owners rent without the required legal licences, but recently there has been a 'crackdown' on illegal internet villa rentals with large fines and in some cases the villa being sealed by the local police!

Agni Travel's villas in Corfu have all the legal licences required so you can book with confidence in the knowledge that your villa has been checked for all aspects of health and safety.

Location of Corfu

So, where is Corfu? The island of Corfu is located just off the West coast of Greece. Corfu enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate along with excellent beaches making it a popular destination for holiday makers. Corfu is very green compared to other Greek islands: hot and dry summers along with winter rain creates lush vegetation which is dominated by over 2 million olive trees. These olive trees on Corfu are the main cultivation, although Corfu's tourism now provides the most income.

Corfu History

Corfu has seen a colourful past where Greek, Roman, Venetian and French occupations have left their marks, including two forts. Many myths and legends feature Corfu including: Hercules, Homer, Odysseus and Jason with his Argonauts. Not surprisingly, Corfu town is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and this has helped to protect and preserve the architecture and monuments on Corfu.

How to get to Corfu

Corfu Airport: Corfu's International airport (Kapodistrias) is located on the edge of Corfu (Kerkyra) town, it is modern and compact. During the summer months (May to October) there are regular charter flights from most European countries to Corfu. Domestic flights (from Athens) operate all year round.

Corfu Port: Corfu's port is at the edge of Corfu (Kerkyra) town. Ferries from Greek mainland (Igumenitsa and Patra) offer a regular service as well as ferries from Italy (Venice, Ancona and Brindisi). Corfu port is also a popular stop for visiting cruise ships.

Driving: Regular ferries from Italy and the Greek mainland to Corfu make the trip easy to plan. The roads of Corfu are generally in good condition, even if unavoidably steep and twisting in some locations.

Why Choose Agni Travel for your Villa Holiday?

Why not enjoy a Corfu villas holiday this year? We offer a varied choice of Corfu villas for the independent traveller, thus allowing you to make your own travel arrangements to Corfu.
Choose from out of the way cottages, large Corfu holiday villas, Corfu villas with pools or Corfu villas beside the sea. Agni Travel's Corfu villas are popular with families, groups, honeymooners and those just looking for the perfect place to relax during their villa holidays in Corfu.

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