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The Paxos Travel Guide

The Time in Paxos is 10:49

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Loggos Paxos

View of Loggos taken from the seaplane Loggos harbour with speedboats moored up and stopping for lunch in one of the water-front tavernas

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Loggos is one of the prettiest villages on Paxos and the smallest coastal one. The tiny harbour of Loggos itself is enchanting, with a pleasantly intimate atmosphere and colourful enough for any artist or photographer.
There are approximately 200 permanent inhabitants of Loggos - an indication of its size. The pastel-washed village buildings cluster around the quayside where fishermen quietly mend their nets, well aware they are the focus of many a camera but distinctly unimpressed by the attention. A handful of pretty villas dot the surrounding hillsides. There is nothing very sophisticated about Loggos - no vibrant night-life, no big-name boutiques - and that's just the way its devotees like it.

Paxos Music Festivals

The Paxos Music Festival is now a well-established and very popular event. It takes place in Loggos every year,
(for 2008 it runs from the 26th August until the 4th September), with concerts of classical chamber music almost every day. The Festival is now run by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and performers are students of the School.
There is also a Spring Music Festival that is centred on Loggos - usually in May. Performers are mostly Greek.
A Jazz Concert also takes place every year in June.

Back to Top of Loggos PageWho is the Resort for

Loggos is ideal for anyone for whom the perfect Greek holiday is one of simple pleasures. Couples of any age will love its atmosphere, the way days roll by with swimming, boating and walking and finishing with a romantic meal out of doors beside the bobbing boats.
Families with young children will find all the old-fashioned ingredients of a holiday in Loggos - safe swimming, fishing off the quayside and friendly locals and tavernas that positively welcome the little ones.
Older teenagers may be disappointed in the lack of night-life around Loggos, but the informal atmosphere, boat trips and good swimming should make up for this.
Walkers are well-catered for in Loggos, with easy access to some great walks, coastal and inland.

Loggos by Night

In the evening, Loggos is enchantingly pretty, with taverna lights reflecting on the silky harbour water. There is very little motor traffic and the sounds of the night are the buzz of conversation, spiced with laughter and occasional bursts of impromptu song or guitar music.
Later still, nothing much disturbs the night apart from the owls and night jars.

Back to Top of Loggos PageThe Beach

There is no need to go far in search of the nearest beach - the village beach in Loggos is clean and conveniently located.

Levrecchio Beach is just a short walk across the headland from Loggos village and is one of the very few beaches on Paxos that has its own taverna. It is also one of the few that can be accessed by car, which can make it 'crowded' in high summer, though 'crowded' in Paxos is relative. There are some lovely beaches on either side of Loggos, all accessible by boat, some on foot or by car.
Beaches between Loggos and Lakka: Glyfada, Monodendri, Lakkos,Orkos, Arkoudaki.
Beaches between Loggos and Gaios: Levrecchio, Kipos, Marmari, Pounda, Kipiadi (popular mooring for yachts), Kaki Langada (has a beach cantina in high season).

Another view of Levrecchio Beach showing Loggos in the background on the right.

At Levrecchio beach there is an excellent taverna run by Spiros - a friendly Paxiot local.

The Taverna is set within Olive Trees, over the beach. It is a delightful location and perfect if you have children.

Back to Top of Loggos PagePlaces Nearby

Paxos is a very small island and the distances between villages are such that walking from one to the other is a possibility.
From the old soap factory, a path leads up to Loggos Mill, one of the remaining windmills, from which there are spectacular views.
Several charming old villages can be reached on foot, including Fontana, which is halfway between Loggos and Gaios.

Lakka Paxos

Lakka lies in the north of Paxos at the head of a long natural inlet of the most startling shade of turquoise - reminiscent of a Caribbean bay. It is a perfect harbour and is filled with a fascinating array of yachts in summer. The village itself is small and focused almost entirely on its harbour-front, with a selection of useful shops and several good restaurants and bars, including a very good Italian restaurant. The shores of the bay are fringed with beautiful natural beaches, shaded by trees, and it is possible to walk to other, more unfrequented, beaches on the other side of the headlands: Lakka Paxos

Gaios Paxos

Gaios is the 'capital' of Paxos, the largest of the three main settlements and the only one that can be called a town, albeit a very small one. Its Venetian and British heritage is visible in the colourful buildings that line the long harbour-front. Gaios now has two harbours - the newer one is a short walk or drive from the centre, and serves as the port of call for ferries, excursion and cruise boats. It is also the setting for the often spectacular arrivals and departures of the Corfu-Paxos seaplane service. The older harbour, sheltered from the open sea by two small islands, is a never-ending source of entertainment in summer, with its plethora of cosmopolitan yachts. Gaios continues its daily business regardless of its exotic visitors, and it is this contrast that makes it so entertaining to spend an hour or more at one of the cafes in the main square alongside the quay. An intriguing variety of eating establishments, chic boutiques and old-fashioned stores make Gaios quite fascinating: Gaios Paxos

Beaches Close to Loggos

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Agni Travel Property Map - Corfu

Maps - Agni Travel Paxos

The above Agni Travel Paxos map (click to download), shows the location of Loggos, which is between Gaios and Lakka.
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Back to Top of Loggos PageWhat Is There

What is at Loggos?

In Loggos, you will find: three mini-markets, a bakery with wonderful fresh bread every day and supplies of fresh fruit and vegetables brought over regularly from the mainland to Paxos. These amenities make self-catering a simple matter - but who could resist the conviviality and choice of excellent food at the waterfront tavernas at Loggos? Freshly-caught fish tops the menu every night and there is an attractively cosmopolitan 'buzz'.
Entertainment is limited to watching the antics and activities of people and boats - sometimes a combination fraught with dramatic possibilities - but the atmosphere of Loggos is so laid back that help is always at hand to avert disaster.
At least one boat trip is a 'must' - there are excursions to the fantastic west coast and to Parga, on the mainland opposite, or you can hire a boat and visit the nearby beaches and coves. Or even a day trip to Corfu for shopping!

Old Olive Oil Soap Factory at Loggos

Now derelict, the oddly attractive, photogenic but undeniably industrial remains of the old Anemogiannis soap factory, dominate the harbour front of Loggos. Soap and bricks were once made here, using the final residue of the oil-pressing process, brought here from the local olive presses. The entrance is still graced by a Romanesque statue of Aphrodite.

There are some lovely walks in the vicinity of Loggos. One of the best is the walk up to the old mill overlooking Loggos and fantastic views.

View from the old soap factory over Loggos. The iconic chimney towers above Loggos an is one of the most famous landmarks in Paxos.

Loggos Amenities

Bakery, minimarkets.
Bus service 4 times a day between Gaios, Loggos and Lakka passing through the inland villages of Paxos.
Internet cafe at 4 Seasons Cafe.
Boat hire.

Back to Top of Loggos PageTavernas and Bars

One of the greatest pleasures of a holiday in Loggos - leisurely meals beside the harbour.

One of the quayside tavernas in Loggos. Believe it or not, the local (full-size) bus squeezes between the tables on the left and the edge of the quay, several times a day.

Typical picturesque views of Loggos harbour.

Water side taverna at Loggos.

Typical evening entertainment in Loggos, Paxos style - good food, good company and a charming setting.

Tavernas and the Bus!

No trip to Paxos (and Loggos) can be complete unless you have seen the island bus drive through Loggos!

Those eating on the water front at Vassilis fish Taverna have to move their tables while the Paxos bus drives through Loggos!

Loggos Jetty

There are two coffee shop / bars on the jetty, plus a bakery. The views from the Loggos Jetty are simply stunning.

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