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The Paxos Travel Guide

The Time in Paxos is 22:08

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Gaios Paxos

View of Gaios from above the town
Gaios Water Front Coffee shops and bars

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Gaios is a beautiful horse-shoe harbour with a small island in the middle.

Gaios is the largest of the three main settlements on the island of Paxos, and the only one that can be called a town, albeit a very small one. Gaios, the 'capital' of the island, shows its Venetian and British heritage in the colourful buildings that line the long harbour-front. Life in Gaios focuses on the harbour where in high season, awe-inspiring yachts jostle for space with working boats of all kinds. An intriguing variety of eating establishments, chic boutiques and old-fashioned stores make Gaios a fascinating place to visit, with an atmosphere all of its own.

Gaios Harbour

Gaios is for those who like a lot of variety during their holiday. Life centres around the main square, bordered on one side by the harbour where boats of all kinds jostle for mooring space. With the daily arrivals and departures there is always something going on, always an excuse to take a seat at one of the open-air cafes and indulge in that most popular of pastimes - 'people watching'.

Gaios Town

The little town is filled with alluring shops and boutiques, where jewelery and clothing can be picked up at very reasonable prices. Pottery is a good buy here on Paxos too. The photo opportunities are endless. When it gets too hot for shopping, there are good beaches within walking distance. Eating out is well-covered by a variety of attractive establishments. Even in high season, Gaios evening entertainment is limited to two clubs, on the edge of town, but for most visitors to Paxos that is just as it should be.
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Beaches Around Gaios

Walking along the shore road south of the town of Gaios you will come across several pleasant spots to bathe - narrow strips of pebble beach but clean and attractive. These include Plakes, Defteri, Ballos and Sulanena. If you continue South, out of Gaios you will reachthe sandy beach of Moggonisi, with delightful tavernas and various facilities. Moggonisi was a separate island, but is now joined to Paxos by a causeway, which is flanked by the beach.

Northwards from Gaios are the beautiful beaches that stud the coast of Paxos, all the way to Loggos - Kaki Langada (which has a beach cantina-taverna during high season), Kipiadi (popular mooring place for yachts), Marmari, Kipos, Levrecchio (which has a great beach taverna).

Back to Top of Gaios PagePlaces Nearby

The awe-inspiring cliffs of Mousmouli on the south west coast of Paxos, can be reached on foot from Gaios. The Tripitos Arch is the highlight here - a magnificent natural arch spanning an inlet of the sea - it can be crossed on foot - with great caution, and not on a windy day!

Anti Paxos

From Gaios, there are regular speed boat trips to the nearby island of Anti Paxos where the beaches are justifiably famous for the incredible colour of the sea and the fine pale sand . There are two main beaches, each with a taverna, Vrika and Voutimi, though others can be reached on foot. Sea taxis ply back and forth to Anti-Paxos throughout the day, at a reasonable cost. Click here for more photos and details of: Anti Paxos


Loggos can be reached by foot (for those looking for a little exercise on holiday) or by bus. The bus stop is towards the rear of Gaios. Sometime you will see a local taxi waiting and it may be possible to take an inexpensive taxi ride to Loggos, Lakka or Mongonisi.


Lakka is at the North tip of Paxos (6km) and too far to walk.

Back to Top of Gaios PageGaios Taxis

There is often a taxi waiting at the parking area (behind Gaios). If there are no handy taxis waiting around by the bus stop and no bus due, there's a notice in a shop doorway just opposite which has all the local taxi drivers' numbers on it.
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Apartments and Villas in Gaios to Rent

The Bay View Villas are ideally situated amongst olive trees with magnificent views over the bay of Gaios. They are easily accessible by road or foot path. Each of the three villas accommodates four persons or can be converted into two totally independent studios for two persons each. With their prime position, elegant design, air conditioning and modern facilities the Bay View Villas offer a superb base for a relaxing Paxos holiday: Bay View Villas, Gaios

Villa on Paxos with private swimming pool, from which a short flight of steps gives access to the idyllic beach fringed by trees and lapped by the vividly coloured waters of the Ionian Sea. The modern Villa Parga sleeps up to ten, with the accommodation arranged over two floors. The seaviews are quite superb: Villa Parga, Paxos

Back to Top of Gaios PageTavernas and Bars

The main square of Gaios is home to the open-air cafes that make such a wonderful amusement and atmosphere either day or night. Along the meandering quayside and in the narrow streets leading back from it, are numerous small and very pleasant tavernas and bars. You will soon find your own favourites. The food on offer in Gaios is Greek and also plenty of Italian dishes can be found.

The aerial views of Gaios can be breathtaking.

Back to Top of Gaios PageHow to Get There - Map

Just off the harbour road in the centre of Gaios is the new flag stoned pedestrianised square, where there are outdoor cafes and bars. The perfect place to while away a summers evening.

Gaios Port

Heading out of Gaios, towards Loggos, is the port area. Many yachts moor up for an over night stay and some of them are huge!

Back to Top of Gaios PageWhat Is There

The ruins of the 15th century Fortress of St Nicholas, are on the islet of the same name that lies immediately opposite Gaios, on Paxos. A permit must be obtained from the municipality in order to visit this fortress.
The Monastery of the Panagia (Virgin Mary) on the islet of the same name, is also opposite Gaios.
Visit the Church of Agioi Apostoloi which is located behind the bus stop in the village.
You will find The Museum of Paxos open from 11:00 to 13:00 and from 19:30 to 22:30.
The abandoned village of Geramonachos is just off the main road about half a mile north of Gaios. Very atmospheric (though several of the ancient houses are now being converted into holiday homes), and a good picnic spot with lots of shade.

Gaios Amenities

Butchers, bakeries, several supermarkets and mini markets.
Bank and several ATM machines.
Two doctors, a dentist.
English-speaking pharmacy.
Clinic in nearby village of Bogdanatika.
Some really smart boutiques and jewellery shops.
Internet cafe.
Bus service 4 times a day linking Gaios, Loggos and Lakka.
Boat hire.
Boat trips to Corfu, Parga (mainland), Anti-Paxos.
Two nightclubs - Phoenix and Castello.

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